The joy of being up all the night till the morning :)

The night and the morning are two wonderful horizons that meet with each other 🙂

The night yields moon light and darkness, which in turn yields- fall, wisdom, silence, peace, passion, love, lust, self, space and wonders!

The morning yields sun light and brightness, which in turn yields- rise, knowledge, sounds, progress, perseverance, love, luck, ego, time and miracles!

Now when you can experience both at one go and one time, why waste the opportunity with a sleep?
A whole night up is a young morning in cup!

So what is that you need to do?

Light dinner-fruits to your room-some friends to chat online-loved one to talk on phone-a movie to watch on lap-some time to contemplate-a book to read-some time to contemplate-a drink to the brink-a window to view-a moon to mesmerise-a time to contemplate-a status to update-a snap to remember-a time to forget-a terrace to stand-a moment to wonder-a sun to rise- a self to rise 🙂



“The Rainbow i saw last night”- Quite an odd name to sport a blog.
I always wanted to blog, for one good reason of sharing what is inside to the outside, of me. Days have passed when I always dreamt about it, and hours have passed when I used to sit and wonder how to get started. Things have always been in place, and I did know how to, but to get started remained a big thing. Busy in answering questions raised by the society  like ‘What?’ ‘Why?’ and ‘When’ for so many other things, I felt myself dwindling in the ocean of my interests and striving to be successful in my career as if it is the sole purpose of life. There is a lot more to life, you see!

Given all the possibilities, and awaiting all the probabilities, life is a level short from where we see it. The world we see is much of the one formed by ego than self, and for that reason it IS attractive I should agree. Not all the time does the real form reckons beauty, like any other form beckons it. A heavy wind crosses my mind as I start thinking about the tussle between self and ego in my very own perspective. I am not fed with an answer here, and that is not important too, the answer I mean. Not all questions need an answer, but a realisation for sure, about the question in place. Those that remain unanswered have the privilege of being a question, young like a painting, raising curiosity which is so difficult to achieve otherwise. The possibility of having more than one answer for a single question is very interesting. In proper words, we call it PERSPECTIVES. It is all in the way we see a thing, that we perceive it and accept it, and even fight for the opinion formed with some one who differs by it.

Acceptance is so comfortable, but a denial is equally uncomfortable. We are born and brought up that way, to smile on approvals. The scores, the pats, the keep it ups, the rewards, the claps, the way to go’s, and the smiles inside on all these instances have made us to work, toil and earn the approval of others. We all like to be noticed, we all love to be  celebrated and we all NEED it today. We are gifted with this notion, because that is the way things go around, people in particular. Life does not show much of a promise unless you are termed successful with a word of approval from the society, measured by your career, bank account, bonus points and best of your achievements. I don’t and do find a harm in it, for they DO carry meaning in both the ways,..  but the bigger picture is a whole lot colourful. There is lot n life to be termed so beautiful than a ringing bright success.

The morning stretch when waking up, the blaze of the evening sun,  the shout on the street for the vegetable vendor, a random act of kindness, a specific memory with an old school friend, the cup of tea with an act of forgetfulness mixed with it without sugar, the smile of a loved one, the hug of a stranger, the cling of  beer mugs, the motivation of a teacher, the breeze on a bike ride, the slice of  a disappointment, the beep of a mobile phone signalling low battery, the wisdom of darkness, the generosity of a book, the serenity of wind, the nature of a tree, the difference between love and lust, the similarity between pain and pleasure, and the eyes that have read this all with much of silence and memories inside… there is JUST so much beauty in everything around.., All we have to do is feel it INSIDE. Minds are buildings, let us open their windows, and look at life the way we want to and the way it needs to, for a view is so important than a memory.
Let us Love, Live and contemplate it!

Well, with so much to see, hear, feel, talk, wonder, and blog about, are you still concerned about the rainbow i saw last night?