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The joy of being up all the night till the morning :)

The night and the morning are two wonderful horizons that meet with each other 🙂

The night yields moon light and darkness, which in turn yields- fall, wisdom, silence, peace, passion, love, lust, self, space and wonders!

The morning yields sun light and brightness, which in turn yields- rise, knowledge, sounds, progress, perseverance, love, luck, ego, time and miracles!

Now when you can experience both at one go and one time, why waste the opportunity with a sleep?
A whole night up is a young morning in cup!

So what is that you need to do?

Light dinner-fruits to your room-some friends to chat online-loved one to talk on phone-a movie to watch on lap-some time to contemplate-a book to read-some time to contemplate-a drink to the brink-a window to view-a moon to mesmerise-a time to contemplate-a status to update-a snap to remember-a time to forget-a terrace to stand-a moment to wonder-a sun to rise- a self to rise 🙂



About therainbowisawlastnight

A writer by passion, and an Entrepreneur by profession! Well its not important to fill up this ABOUT ME COLUMN out here, fr what u wud perceive abt me wud be a reflection of wat I say abt me. There is something more important,,, There is something about yourself that you don’t know.. Something that u wil deny tat t even exists, until its 2 late to do anything abt t. Its te 1ly reason u get up in te mrng, te 1ly reason u suffer the shitty boss, the blood,sweat and the tears. it s bcoz u want ppl to know how good,attractive, generous,funny wild nd clever u really r. “fear or revere me, but pl think I am special” V shre an addiction, V r approval junkies. We r all in t fr the slap on te back and the golden watch. Look at te clever boy wit te badge polishin his trophy. The u inside you, Shine on yu, crazy diamond. Coz we r jus monkeys wrapped in suits beggin f rte approval of others,, if we knew tis, we wudnt do this. Some1 s hidin t frm us,. And if u had a second chance, u wud ask “WHY ?” I am one who is tryin to be as radical as this makes sense to you…

3 responses to “The joy of being up all the night till the morning :)

  1. jaikris75

    Sure Prem..

    Only the ones who’ve enjoyed the joys of staying awake the whole night, can even imagine the pleasures of it.

    When the whole world is asleep, all out of their masks – of their personal, family and profession – world becomes more natural and beautiful. But, you need to stay awake to enjoy it.

    Hmmm…, I used to be nocturnal too. I wish I had continued…

    those days of endless chats, midnight meals, untime hunger, and parcel tea…

    hey, U’re driving me crazy with Ur thoughts re…

  2. I am very nocturnal too and night is the time when I use to read, think and watch movies ..u see, the rest of the world is not going to intervene at this time…unless i want to,like I often jump into the internet. Great post 🙂

  3. Suja ⋅

    A Nocturnal journey – The best moment to relive!!!

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